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Format : a4 + Presentation

Pages : 45-60 pages

Duration : 8-10 days

A detailed project report is an extensive document that gives intricate details about the proposed business idea.

It includes information about the business proposal and different strategies that would be taken into account in order to implement the business plan.

Who needs a Detailed Project Report ?

Co-founders or business team looking for a business plan to help you manage your business better and which can lend you investment and if you want to convert your start-up idea into a new business plan.

What we offer:-

A detailed Project Report created by our experts

A4 or unique presentation of detailed Project Report

Review Project Report

Expert advice

Why us?

We build a detailed Project Report for companies and individuals who intend to ride along with their idea. We help you build the perfect business plan that’s based on intensive market research, competitive analysis, market demand, and financial scenarios, while you focus solely on your business operations.